You Are Not Alone... In fact, one out of every four people experience a behavioral health problem every year. The most common behavioral health problems are depression, substance abuse, and social anxiety. Common causes of behavioral health problems include major changes or events in one's life, neorological conditions, changes in health status, social pressures, environmental stress, and heredity.

It Is Not Your Fault... Are you or is someone you care for experiencing emotional difficulties?  People who experience a behavioral health problem might think there is something wrong with them, they may feel unusually stressed, they might think they did something they were not supposed to, or that people will judge them. In fact, people do feel better when they talk about a problem with someone who can help them.

The Goal is Wellness... Wellness is the experience of health, peace and satisfaction we have when the physical, spiritual, and mental parts of ourselves are balanced and work in harmony.

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"Are You a Web Addict?"

1. You try to go online, only to discover that your router has died. What is your reaction?
◊ Call a friend and yak on the phone instead
◊ The computer store is still open, you could be back online by tonight!

2. What did you wear on your last date?
◊ An outfit I picked out specially for the date
◊ It doesn’t matter, my last date was online!

3. How many hours a day do you spend chatting online?
◊ 0-2 hours
◊ More than 2 hours

4. Do you hold off using the bathroom, eating or doing homework to stay online?
◊ Of course not!
◊ Of course!

5. Are most of your friends people you met online?
◊ No
◊ Yes

6. Your best friend visits from out of town and sleeps over at your house. What do you spend the next day doing?
◊ You take them to your fave hangouts and have fun catching up on each other’s lives
◊ You spend the day in your room showing them all your favorite youtube videos

7. Is it cheating on your real girl/boy friend to have a different, online 
girl/boy friend?
◊ Yes
◊ No

8. Your parents announce that they’re taking you on a family vacation! Your 1st questions is "where are we going?" Your second question is
◊ "Do I get my own room?"
◊ "Is there wireless and cellular service?"

If you picked the second answer in more than three questions, you may have become "one with the Matrix", time to examine your online habits.