You Are Not Alone...

In fact, one out of every four people experience a behavioral health problem every year. The most common behavioral health problems are depression, substance abuse, and social anxiety. Just about everyone has experienced sadness, worries, and stress at some point and chosing to deal with it directly always takes courage.

What's Wrong?

Sometimes we think there is something "wrong" with us when we feel bad. We talk with a counselor when we're stuck, need advice, or just want someone to listen without judging us. We experience satisfaction, peace, and joy when the physical, spiritual, and mental parts of life work in harmony and we realize that we belong and are valued.


Get Help!

Talk to a friend, family member, doctor, religious leader, teacher, coach or online resource...the first step to solving any problem is to tell someone. People often like to talk with a counselor because of anonymity, confidentiality and expertise.

Community Resources are available 24/7

Suicide Prevention Hotline call 1-800-273-8255

Teen Textline "NEEDHELP" to 855-11 to local CrisisLink

Drug & Alcohol Help 1-800-662-HELP (4357)

lgbtq chat

In an immediate, life-threatening situation, call 911.